Anti weapons

The creation of anti-weapons is a favorite topic of mine and I have a new one. Nature is always the harshest inventor and I know that only too well. I like to run in the park and through the woods and the creatures like to use my blood as as food for their children. As a result of this nasty habit of the little critters, I now have a nice little spot that I am quite sure is Lyme disease. I am almost used to the fact that mosquitoes use my blood for their children and expect some day to get West Nile just because I like to be out in nature.

For the record, it seems that if you recognize the mark of Lyme disease and get treated, it is not a serious illness, left untreated it is very damaging and debilitating, I have heard.

There are many different parasites that live in the world and some are very weird. There is a specific fungus that lives by breeding in the minds of ants. Nature already has many different ways that it plays very harshly and I really do wonder why people seem to like to make it more difficult to survive.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen