Progress toward freedom

I started by chipping the capital guards and they in turn chipped all the government officials. When I realized how much money was here I changed my mind about being kind and decided I would just rule everybody myself instead. I don't think I will have to chip all the people, they seem very compliant and I can just have my puppets pass a new law when I want to make a change. The cost of chipping people is cutting into the cost of building my pleasure estates. I certainly have to chip all the intelligent people because they seem to figure out what is going on. They aren't very effective but they could possibly cause a few problems and reduce the flow of slave products to my underground bunkers.

I accidentally called one group by the name of another group, I think it was nerds and jocks and so I had to have the jocks chip the nerds first and then have the chipped nerds do the jocks but it worked quite well and I don't know which manual for dictatorship I got that nugget from but thanks to all the despots before me for that nugget. They would be proud of me, this the epitome of corruption. I shall wallow in the crapulous filth of absolute power. I bet they wish they had this tool in their day. If I hadn't worked on that DoD project in the 60's I would have never had the experience to be able to do this. I was suspicious of their motives but like any good pretender to the throne I laid low and acted stupid until I could get close enough to the emperor. That is why every person around me is automatically chipped. Eventually I have to get to everybody as there might be some wise ass that will accidentally discover the security algorithm. It would be gruesome work and I don't think any of these sheep have the will for it. The security around the project was perfect. It was so isolated that when the last member was transfered, they didn't even realize there was nobody in charge anymore and it was free to the taking. At first the placement of the electrodes was rough but there is a simple little trick to that. They even had a movie about the phone company doing this and nobody even thought to see if DoD was already doing this, how sloppy of them.

The biggest problem was the anti-chip. It took me years to develop the device that would protect me and it was disturbing to do that surgery on myself, but nano-technology is actually very painless when you get over the mental reservations.

This is intended for public consumption and it is just for me clones to be trained into what is going on. I think I will keep my clones down to about 20 or so until we get into space. Then each clone can have a galaxy and I will build them up quickly.

Oh, by the way, we call this the end of Independence day in the future.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen