New rules

As the new emperor I am in the mood to jerk your chain today.

The recent rise in gas prices has forced the hookers to charge mileage when coming to my estate and I have decided that I will raise taxes 1% more to pay for this. You might say that if I stopped taxing people who were starving to death then it would be a better solution. That is absurd, who would tell the surviving members what to do. It is more important to keep me happy and alive and for that I will raise taxes another 1% to pay for booze to help me forget that you are suffering.

Just because every dollar we take out of the pockets of average people is like taking food from them it is certainly not! They can eat the grass that grows freely in the median like all the other animals.I am insulted by the people who want to apply logic to my actions. God doesn't operate by logic. A new law says that you must salute the flag, but I have not decided where I will separate groups for breeding yet and if you are in a different pasture, salute the flag that is presented and kneel.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen