I often wonder

I wonder about what makes the world operate. I live and grew up in farm country and I was working when I was seven. We planted crops and took care of the animals to make food to eat and kept up the buildings so the wind wouldn't freeze us in the winter. We hauled water and tended the machinery as best we could.

I do not see how a politician or a stock broker contributes anything to the survival of others. We produced food and we could eat and others could eat as a result. We would not refuse the excess to help others. I realize that the world outside farm country is a place of war and constant conflict. It always seemed to me that it was a system without a purpose. What value do I gain from the stock market? If I don't take from somebody else I get nothing. It seems to be all about taking a share of somebody else's work.

Perhaps it is the fear that they live without any visible means of support in a free floating system that has no 'roots'


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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