Heuristics redux 2

I am a bit surprised that I can solve the problems presented in this book so easily. They are presented as being the most perplexing that exist. I have not seen these before as much of what I do is self taught to allow me to better learn how to learn. I can infer from the questions and the methods described to solve the problems, that I have some tools that they lack. I look at the method that they employ and I learn a new method, but how will they ever learn the methods I have developed for myself?

The book has made some very good connections for me and it gives me even more reason to conclude that the methods of government on this planet are just some silly playground for a few who have grown up with the principles of power and manipulation as their science. It is also obvious that in that process of specializing in the use of others as tools that they have missed some of the most fundamental and important concepts in the universe. In some ways the people who destroy others for their pleasure, have destroyed themselves in the process.

Hitler is in the arena and the people love him so dearly and it can be seen in the newsreels. Hail Caesar, and the hell he brings.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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