Give it away

If I develop a new search program that is useful to everybody I would give it away because that is the greatest benefit of it's existence. The more people understand of the universe the more they will have to make the correct choices and not live by superstition. In terms of self replication, consider that if I make an effective tool, it could replicate 1 billion times in a period of a day. This works out to a biological organism that has no match in nature. The end result is that an organism can evolve at a certain rate and I can produce product which evolves at a higher rate. The result is the advantage. Self replication and factorial connection leads to a system which evolves faster than life. If viruses and bacteria are our competition then failing to operate to achieve the advantage seems illogical to me. Disease will not stop mutating and expanding because that is it's operational mode. Like the immune system, it must react faster to threat than the new threat. It is also reasonable to produce means that will allow for extended life. It is hardly even a giant leap to apply the same principles to human process. It is the hiding of technology that creates the problem. If I have a device which can produce an antigen to produce antibodies and it downloads a solution from a common data base as a security upgrade, how does that differ from any computer process.

It implies that a person who acts to poison the internet and software may be poisoning the water that he may need to drink to live.

Why would government not allow a person to make their own antibodies?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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