Evil or evocative

I observe, extrapolate and measure effect.

I think that I see where the concept of pornography originates. The object is the same but the understanding of the mechanism is new. It was thought that malaria was caused by bad air and hence the name 'mal'= bad 'aria'=air. In the attempt to understand and operate with the peculiarities of mind, various concepts have been proposed. I see the basis now and realize that the generalized form of the argument is incomplete. There is no evil/not evil value to it at all. There in pornography lies the concept of mind hacking. It is not the objects which have some inherent property, but it's context and use. Some say that broadcast TV has become a form of pornography and in the sense that it is adaptive mind hacking, then I must agree.

My conclusion is that any information or image can be used improperly to influence. When you understand that the intent of the process is to control the person then it seems obvious to me that the originator is a mind hacker. Thus the morality and free use of any information is measured in it's application like any physical object. A stick is a stick until it is jammed into somebody's eye.

In reviewing recent history and the evolution of social engineering by countries, there is a clear development of the technology that matches advances in other areas. It is not as effective as the bullet for social change, but it is definitely a formidable tool.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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