Alien intervention

This is speculation on the process of technology and I have thought of a very dark and scary thing.

If you consider the nature of life itself, it is the property of continuous expansion that is inherent. I don't say it is designed for this but simply that the nature of the persistent form is replicative.

I was considering the overall social nature of humanity, the exploration of space, the nature of what might be encountered, the methods of DNA, governments, illusion and weapons.

This idea could not have been proposed and considered before the present advances in science. Science fiction might hit upon some of the aspects, but without a better understanding of the process and it's possibilities and limitations then the fiction is poorly wrought. For every element that might hold true, there are ten that are nonsense.

I wondered what the universe would hold and I had a thought that seems to bear some consideration. If life spreads by seeding itself ( , and of course if there were culture then it must be expansive ). If I were a member of a basic human culture or another culture which was in opposition to human like organisms, the best way to stop them and keep them from invading you is to kill them with an antibiotic.

By antibiotic I mean something that destroys them by brute force or destroys them by subtle effect. On this planet it is considered that seeding the population of mosquitoes and other creatures with genes that lead to their demise is acceptable practice.

The methods are not specifically targeted, but simply spread like pest control everywhere to kill the undesired organism.

What better tool to kill a planet than to seed it with mimics that destroy the species.

It is possible that we are already, and have been for some time, the target of selective spraying to pave the way for something that will come after the fall. I can imagine many ways that people could go into space that are quite different than the tin can models of current exploration. Information leads to a better understanding, but no matter how odd and fantastic fiction can be, it never comes close to the freakish and complex reality. "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" might be a children's story.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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