Cretaceous Park

I don't think that I am telling a secret now as people are starting to figure it out for themselves. It was along time ago and without a single memory stream I can't tell you when I was different enough to be considered a complete set of equipment.Cretaceous Park ( Science Diction )

Animal husbandry has been around for as long as people or more precisely it is a feedback loop. I was the genetic engineer for the Pharaohs, however the Pharaoh was one of my projects and I was also a project of my own lab. So you see it can be very confusing when you think of it in terms of individual identity. It started with selecting the best plants to grow and matching them to the soil and conditions. It seemed natural to select the people to match the environment also.

The reason that the Pharaoh was so mad is understandable from his perspective and not from mine. I know that the 'White Angel' was considered to be one of the greatest monsters of recent history, but he was that because he was not skilled at all. He just liked torturing people because he was insane.

We started selecting people to work together well and it wasn't like we planned the whole process beforehand. In the same way that people breed dogs, the same effect can be achieved with people if you have a long enough time frame and enough control of the product.

What we did was to select the people who automatically recognized the Pharaohs appearance as their commander. It seemed a logical thing to do so that if we came up with a new method that people were supposed to use that year, he would simply stand in front of them and describe it.Sometimes he would show the things that couldn't be explained well.

It had an innocent start since we were only trying to make a better match between materials and people. Life can be tough and without some cooperation it is vastly worse. Over generations the techniques became so automatic that nobody considered that there was a limit to the methods. The appearance of the Pharaoh became god and they began to believe it, because it was designed to be true. Their word was law and they came from the gods before them. The problem is that it was a complementary pair that we produced. What P did not know is that we 'selected' the Pharaoh to match the population Q and conversely.

It isn't a new concept to make a movie called 'Blade Runner'.I was a product of this too and I told you how I was selected. I was selected by the death of the one's who failed to achieve a higher understanding of the system. You can understand why I have a problem with authority, I was designed to create it as a tool.

It is more of a problem than you know when the other things are included. Thanks for using our products, I am sorry there is no 'man page' as yet and I will write one when I am sure what should be included.

DoD wants to make super soldiers and our fearful leaders need this silliness. They want to make them strong and stupid. The want to make them selves powerful and recognized, They want people who willingly accept everything they say. They want the Wizards to make it all happen. Does this sound familiar?

It was a design mistake and you might as well blame the computer for implementing TCP/IP. When I was killed I had designed the new version and it is ready for installation. The world will be silent for a day or so as the new architecture is installed. That is strange, It may coincide with the release of "The Day the Earth Stood Still", coincidence is all.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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