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If anybody knew, that last post was a description of the unified field equations as they should be done. There is no more to it than that.

When a charged particle changes velocity it produces or is a particle=field change which induces the opposite effect in a like charged particle of equal mass. In the case of light originating from an atom or molecule it becomes more complex, as the masses involved are different. In the case of two electrons colliding, the effects would cancel. In an atom the change in electrical mv is different for the two parts and results in a field change which is somewhat mono-polar in character.

In addition the change in polarization angle is due to the differential mass of the parts of the molecules and their response to the change in field. When an electron changes state, the momentum can be absorbed across the entire molecule or even the entire crystal structure, which leads to a change in the angle of the resultant wave.

Magnetism is simply a representation of the effects of a particle=field moving with respect another particle. ( pinch effect ) ( synchrotron radiation ) ( magnetic induction ) ( polarized light )( Cherenkov radiation ) ( photoelectric effect )( E=hf ) ( blackbody radiation ).

What this allows (along with the equations/relationships which describe the Proton and Neutron), is a prediction of the bond interaction ( angle / chemical properties ) and optical properties of atoms/molecules.

This is conservation of electrical momentum, or charge momentum if you prefer. I would call it cmv and mv derives from cmv.

As I stated before a particle is less than a separate entity. The concept of where the twist is in a Moebius strip, would be similar. If the "particle" is the twist in space then it would have a center, but no real physical existence in any sense. Ideas do exist, but the have no physicality which localizes them. It is an issue of relationships.

JOKE: It is not possible to tell uniform motion. I am traveling through space to my home world and I notice that all the stars in line with my star are blue shifted and those in the opposite direction are red shifted. I wonder did somebody accelerate the universe?

JOKE: Equal masses make good gases .

On a separate note: I have been studying the SSL and SSH and encryption and DNS and routers and keys and it is a f***ing mess. I can't believe that people trust this system for commerce. It is a total whack job.


MoebiusTripper said...

I have a question to ask you that you may be able to answer since you seem to be very knowledgeable in physics...I live in Florida and there is a tourist attraction in Homested called "Coral Castle." The man who owned this place, which is filled with coral constructions weighing many tons that can be rotated, is a mystery to this day...The mystery is how he lifted these coral stones by himself...One theory is that he used "Standing Waves." He had this black box hanging from a tripod about 50 feet high with a wire that went from the black box to the coral stone he wanted to lift...The wire was coiled around the stone a few times...When he turned on the black box that was electrical, a standing wave came out of the ground that lifted the coral stone...He then only had to push the stone to wherever he wanted it to be...This story of him was on a TV show narrated by the actor Jerry Orbach - Hidden Mysteries...My question to you is, is this possible? The man had also written a book on electricity that no one has figuered out yet. If you "Google" Coral Castle the details about this man and his story will fill you in on what I left out...By the way, I am the author of the sci-fi mystery novel, "TIME TRIP ON A MOEBIUS STRIP." My blog is at:

Paul Mohr said...

I have seen that tv show about it. I could guess about 4 ways that -might- be possible. I can't comment on the truth of the story since I was not there at the time. Since it requires only the ability to separate two things by a small bit to move them like maglev, it could be possible that he had stumbled on a way to force the tribo-electric effect on the internal structure of materials. Another guess liquid nitrogen and water. I'll have to stop by there if I am in Florida and look to see if there are any clues.

MoebiusTripper said...

I failed to mention that the black box he had suspended on the tripod also had a wire that went into the ground, as well as around the coral block he wanted to levitate...Sound waves could also lift objects I have heard...Nicola Tesla had a method of using oscilation waves to do something along those lines....But the standing wave theory seems to be the correct answer to what what used at Coral Castle...Did you ever read the book Tesla wrote that Barns and Noble publishes? There is plenty of food for thought in his writings....

Paul Mohr said...

Yes I have read Tesla extensively and he is one of those less recognized scientists that probably made GE fortunes. I would say that he had an instinctive understanding of the universe. Feynman was good also as far as some of the odd Physics that doesn't seem to get taught. I suppose few people realize that three is about a 100 volt per meter gradient field on the surface of the earth and I have used that before. I will have to read more of his stuff. What he discussed was in relation to something that Tesla had used which is the natural resonant frequency of the earth. I suppose the ( Coral Gables) little black box has disappeared.

MoebiusTripper said...

No. I think the tripod and black box are still there at Coral Castle...Have you ever heard of Tesla's free energy car that he had running up to 90 mph? He had an antenna or something that picked up the energy from the earth itself. He also was going to use this to give everyone free electricity, but Westinghouse sabotaged his plans in Colorado Springs...Then there is the "Water Car" of Stanley Meyer...He had a car and motorcycle running on the hydrogen...You can see this on "YouTube." He was poisoned by the government at a dinner in his honor, believe it or not...

Paul Mohr said...

Yes I think you are right, it may have been Westinghouse and not GE. I have heard how Tesla was done in on that deal of open electricity for everybody, because it couldn't be controlled. That seems to be the main problem with human advance. There are those who wish to impose their will on others by force. It is such a petty thing considering the scale of the universe and the where humanity could be if it simply cooperated to get off this rock. I will have to take a look at that black box. I would say that what is known is very much less than what could be.It actually surprises me that they allowed to get away with this. They take technology which is the result of generations of great scientists and add a bottle cap to it and are allowed to own and control the knowledge of scientists that worked for the sole benefit of all humanity.

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Automated Intelligence
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