Magnetism (test transparent .png)

As can be seen the electrons appear to be accelerating if the wire moves toward a negative charge or if the negative charge moves toward the wire. The left side of the wire has an increase in negative effect and the right a decrease as they approach each other. It makes no difference which moves as this is just motion and is relative.

The net effect is that the electron has a rotational force. The curves of electrical field come from the fact that as the wire and electron approach each other, the difference in effect is based upon d/c = delta T. The effect is not uniformly circular and therefore needs to be modeled with a simple 3D with twist or curl or twist/t.

This is also a test of Inkscape -> Gimp -> Google image conversion.

This does not have to include relativity as there is no such thing as a time dimension. It is a simple equation which does not break down at quantum levels. There is a point where quantum effects happen, however that is well below the scale of the proton and neutron or even electron. Since the field and particle cannot be differentiated, it leads to some confusion. If you attempt to include time as a dimension it is monstrously convoluted. This is much easier to use in practice and this is the form of equation that I use for magnetism.

Neutron stars, Quark stars, sub-Quark stars

In any momentum system of particles, the system seeks toward mv=mv ( of course ) and as such, smaller masses always have higher velocities. As a star burns out, it's outward pressure of electrons on the electron cloud reaches a point where it can no longer hold back the forces and the neutralization of the star would lead to a very large burst of energy. It would also lead to further collapse of the star as it would neutralize the positive repulsive effects of excess of protons.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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