Thoughts on monarchy

I was considering the social structure of the world and also thinking about Python and programming in general and an odd thought ( 23a-75 ) came into my head. The act of power requires the knowledge of power. To clarify: If a King does not remember that he is king, he cannot rule. If the peasants do not know or accept the outcome of their actions, then they cannot be coerced to comply. An imbecile would not understand a complex concept and would require brute force to be applied to adjust their behavior and this would require that there be constant force which would limit the scope of control.

It has to do with John McCain and others that have power. If John McCain were to lose his memory like Reagan did ( and it was covered up ) then he would actually not be running the country and those around him would be able to tell him anything. I am not saying that this means that we should have an election in the US with one candidate. (That seems to be undemocratic. The candidates are not very talented to begin with and when you combine the complexity of a country with a person who has no knowledge of the technology then you are simply putting your life in the hands of a puppet.

So the basic thought was that in order for a soldier or policeman or politician or judge or boss to enforce their power, they would have to remember that they were doing that. It might seem an odd thought ( I agree ) but it is one that is considered when applying power to others. The military has experimented with drugs that would alter a person's perception and I always recall a Johny Carson joke:

If Johny has 5 hits of LSD and he takes two, how many does he have left?, does he know how many he has left?, does he care how many he has left?
The mere act of remembering is the foundation of power, strangely. If Hitler forgot that he was ruler of Germany, would one of his subordinates remind him?

I am not sure what I am getting at, but it did seem very odd that in any situation, the knowledge of consequence would be required to actually implement power if it were not applied as physical restraint. The consistence of application of intellect is key to retaining power. It was a vague thought and it does make me wonder about advertising and the fact that you cannot influence a person's choices without having access to their consciousness.

Also I realized that I could make a new device.

On a separate issue I see that there should be a new programming paradigm. Python is neat, but I see a way that I can take the language and implement the next step of object and method to get vastly better results.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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