Secrecy and work

I guess the main concept of business is ownership itself. The premise is that I can have ownership as established by the ruling military establishment. They decide what I may own, and it can change with time to fit their purposes. It requires that the military be able to implement the control that they mandate. It also implies that there must be a continuity of power that comes from the structure.

I think that I am in an unfamiliar science and that I will have to do some study on this matter as there are some obvious patterns and methods which need to be explored and characterized to identify the operational modes of the system. All of the things that arise in practice are examples of these modes and have been documented in history. The establishment of government as a structure by force has some very deep flaws and patterns that repeat throughout history. The basis of power can derive from many different origins and can be fleeting.

The social sciences seem to be the area where the greatest damage can be done with a mistaken method. I see that there are many issues that revolve around the nature of people as a society and that some are a serious curse.

The simple disruption of mechanisms of power will not change the attitudes of those who accept that force is the final determinant of social position in a rational society. This advantage can turn on the implementation of technology and a society can feel that they are free from the influences of what they consider evil by building a wall.

Ultimately, the application and use of power determines the shape of society. A skillful person can use the tools of power as well as a programmer can use Python. I have heard talk of having something like the robot from "The Day the Earth Stood Still" -Gort, to determine what was moral in a society. 'A kindly AI'. I am sure that would not work as it plays upon the basic flaw in society itself. It is founded on the use of force and must seek to live by reason ( the method of the universe ). The universe does not enforce it's laws by changing the nature of that which is involved, but by it's very nature acts.

I am studying Python the language today and I am very impressed overall with it's structure and implementation. The fact that it uses a virtual machine, byte code, is open source, is well accepted, is easy to learn , etc... It seems to be a good language to spend more time understanding and using. I already know how to deal with information, math, logic, I am learning the methods to deploy and create new applications. The implementation of use is an area that needs some work for many of these packages. I hope to have a better idea of how to integrate open source across multiple platforms when I am through. I need an OS X machine, I think.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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