The solution

I think I have developed an analogy to a system that best describes the nature of society and the flaw. I would be like putting all the scientists and creative individuals in a room and all the consumers of the technology in another room and then creating a vast destructive interface that collected energy between them. If a product that is useful costs 1$ to create, they charge 10,000$ to sell it. In the process, the people who could benefit are killed, the overall process is weakened and the people who stand between ideas and use, become rich and powerful by controlling the application. The only thing that you need to be the doorway is physical power. If I can subvert a person to my control and maintain that, then I will prosper. The internet is making that less and less possible. It is the free and open dispersion of ideas and technology that starves the middle man and it is obvious that the "middlemen" are aware of this. I would guess that the most recent and massive attempt to spearhead a complete control of information on the internet, phones and media is directed to deal with this exact fact. If the middle men do not get a cut, they cannot use that to build their armies to maintain their position.

The world seems to be at a crossroad that has on one path a world dominated by madmen that seek power over others for their personal satisfaction and a road to the rational and miraculous future of a society that functions as an effective whole. If I were to create a method that prolonged life and I wished to share it with others, and as a result everyone was better equipped to survive and function, would it make sense to kill thousands that did not satisfy the rules of the oligarchy and allow them to subvert the methods for themselves alone?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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