Evolution of cellular structure

This is not scientific information. I am simply saying stuff I think of.

Single cell life competes for resources. Clumps of cells have an advantage as the surface area exposed to threat is reduced when some cells become predatory. Cell fort. As the cell mass gets larger, the surface area is incapable of producing enough nourishment. Blastosphere. Cells develop a characteristic which causes them to clump. A cell dominates by feedback. The cascade of gene trigger differentiates in a sequence. The differentiated cells react to the same environment differently. The cascade of gene repression includes any pairs that develop advantage. This same cascade sequence can be applied to self assembling structures of cells.

Some differential triggers act in stages with chemical states to mark transitions such as puberty, senescence or dental changes.

A separate process exists in the amino, ion, chemical, and carbon chemistry of the cell which is an evolved attractor which predates RNA or DNA evolution. It "owns" the RNA.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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