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I have about 500 pages of different things that I collected and wanted to study this week --- SSL, AI, HOX genes, model organisms, mitochondria, chemical processors, quantum entanglement, mass of fields, momentum in light, etc...

I wonder how many I will really get done.

I think the most important thing I can do is finish my STK simulator. If I can make it sophisticated enough I can have a way of determining whether new claims are true or false quickly.

Here is one that I ran into just an hour ago. I went through 20 pages of physics and some schematics of experiments and considered the ideas and just for the sake of my own time I am rejecting it and here is why.

A new energy source from hydrogen.

  1. They claim to have solved TOE.
  2. They are building an energy device.
  3. They have funding and need more.
  4. It does not compute.
Generally I have to be skeptical of anyone who claims to have solved TOE and considers that they need money. I am sure that there are numerous mathematical relationships which can be achieved, however if it is not predictive then it is suspect. What I want to hear is compound 'X' , unknown before is superconducting because I understand the nature of physics. If they say that there are no new higher temperature semiconductors, or they cannot name one then I would have to reject that theory out of hand. A lot of the stuff seems to be close hits, but overall a miss.

I can see how a person could get tired of hearing new ideas. I have run into some really blatant scams and it detracts from real efforts.

A superconducting compound and a physical test that can be confirmed might be a good first hurdle that could be required for anyone wanting money for TOE.

As far as LHC, I am sure it won't destroy the Earth. It will produce some things they didn't suspect would be there however and they won't release the results. They will keep the results to themselves until they form a new theory of it. As a joke: If I were to claim anything about the LHC, the only safe bet for credulity would be to say that it wouldn't destroy the Earth, because if it did I there would be nobody to call me a liar. :)


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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