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The value of open source software is being measured by it's market use and I think this is a very bad scale to judge it's effect. It would be better to consider it's utility, rather than it's adoption. A closed society seeks to isolate and control the advancement of all areas of technology and in so doing they limit the solutions that are possible by freely combining the process to achieve a result. If one person were allowed to control the free market use of the wheel for instance, every aspect of society would be negatively effected. Open source has become an effective and competitive tool that exceeds the capabilities of commercial software. The fact that it has such a small percentage of adoption by users is a sign of the scale of progress that will come from adopting the concept of open source. If 1% of the effort can produce 100% of the effectiveness, then the net gain from using open source on all computers would result in a 100 fold increase in development. The act of concealing "science" to further individual gain leads to a continuous stuttering progress which may favor the monopolist in the short term, but restricts the advancement of every other person who is required to operate within the framework of that method. By allowing a corporation or anyone to control by force the access to a pivotal resource, you limit all progress. The ultimate result is a world devoid of innovation and a reduction of the survivability of all people for the profit of a few. It is the concept of greed that destroys the rapid advancement of knowledge and even though cooperation and openness would result in a better position for even the person creating a monopoly, it is not the result which drives them to their goal, but rather the need to appear superior. It is just one concept, might ( or position ) makes right. Pure irrational selfishness.

The irrational greed that exists in the world is one of the greatest detriments to human advancement. When monopolists and speculators and despots conspire to enrich themselves at the benefit of all of humanity, they may seal their own fate as death along with all others.

As open source technology advances, the relative utility will eventually become obvious to everyone. Since the utility of open source is well beyond the unity mark, the proof of concept has already been made. Even with constant advertising, people will eventually catch on that the giant tail fins on their car actually produce drag and cost them more in gas.

A monopolist that has stifled the free development of science would have only themselves to blame when crisis and calamity come to call. It is like a person hijacking the key to a fire truck for the highest bidder. They will never accept the fact that what they are doing is wrong because it is not a decision made on the basis of morality and never will be. The concept of moral or rational argument is ineffective on a criminal. In my opinion, there is no difference between a criminal that works directly with a gun and a social criminal. Their motives are the same, even though their methods may be disguised.

The action of light is one of the key things that leads to a complete understanding of physics. The idea that light is a single atomic phenomenon ( photon ) is absolutely absurd. The changes in a complex system of charges creates situations that appear to be particulate. It may be the inability to see the structure of the whole system and it's interaction which keeps others from easily understanding the process. Something that might explain this better is molecular motion. It is represented to be a probability distribution of molecules of varying velocity in a gas. This is not true. In a gas or many stochastic processes there are subtle effects which determine the properties as a whole. Consider the fastest molecule in free space expansion of a gas. What are the odds that it will be overtaken and accelerated along the line of it's motion? The answer is 0. It is not a distribution which is statistical. There are influences on the process which are not in any way linear. What are the odds that a collision between the fastest particle and another particle will result in negative change of it's velocity? It is 100% .It is the non linear nature of the interaction which results in a clamping effect. There is no probability that a particle in a gas system develops a velocity above a certain threshold as it is an interaction which leads to a situation which has no probability. The atmospheric conditions which produce tornadoes and cyclones and hurricanes are similar to this in terms of the fact that they rely on certain methods that are not obvious unless you consider the whole. I have done the analysis on rotating storms and I can tell you that there are other consequences that come from this same process which continue to be misunderstood. This is where science has created for itself a closed system of use which acts much like the monopolies. The point is to maintain their position and reputation above the actual results of the work. If they could use a tool which would stop floods, they would reject it until they could find a way to show that it derived from their work and thus convince others that they are the sole monopolistic and monolithic source of that power. Thus they steal the works of others and sell them as their own. This happens in open source also. I have seen people who can actually make a great deal of money selling open source software because so few people are aware that it even exists. I think the only answer to this is time. I don't seek to be the sole and common source of all innovation. It is the action of the social criminal that furthers this effect and that is not a matter that is resolved by conflict, but rather by understanding and knowledge.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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