Odd thoughts XVII

I saw a neurological study about mirror neurons and I realized long ago that this is what exists in the brain because of how it operates.

  1. Dreams.
  2. Aping (mimic).
  3. Empathy.
  4. Imagination.
It seems no surprise to me as there must a mechanism of neural development that is not complex in it's parts, but complex in it's plurality.

Also I had said something about establishing a monopoly based on the ownership of oxygen. I won't give the details, but it is possible. I began to think about what it might mean and it scared me a little bit as there is a possibility that somebody might find it a positive result. This is an example of what goes on in my mind when I solve a problem or discover a real possibility. I am not a person who decides to use every idea that I develop. I simply pack it away and say that it is a tool and consider what way it might be used.

I don't know what the actual effect of removing the oxygen from the earth for a couple years would really do, but it seems in general that it would stop all animal life, all bugs, and result in a rapid expansion of plants and photosynthetic bacteria. The world would become a garden with no animals or insects or birds. There would of course be no viruses and no vectors for transform of the naturally present organisms. It would likely be much hotter. This is just my way of asking what happens next. I like to break things down to their parts and determine what core principles are involved.

The concept of monopoly or monarchy is not new and it is one of those principles that is considered in the arms race that is evolution of humanity. I have said before that this insistence on continuing human society in a survival of the fittest mode will eventually lead to a situation that is either cataclysmic or non-existent. It is obvious from the analysis of this that any culture that survived this age of the machine and personal greed would develop a culture based around biotechnology. The idea of throw away society is designed to create a system of control where centralized profit is achieved. I think the concept of the machine universe is clearly not valid. I don't see how this can ever resolve. It is like asking Hitler to end the war and retire for the benefit of humanity. He ( and his cohorts ) knew and were committed to killing everything that opposed them to have power. Once a person has taken that path, failure is not a pillow landing. It is either suicide or face the millions of victims . The same is true of any gang, government or corporation. There is no out, but death.

Power itself allows the person in power to minimize others and the dead do not bother them as they are something of less worth. It is only when power is gone that they must face themselves. If they ever consider that they are no more or less than those they kill, it would be a personal hell. I think this is why many maniacs choose suicide.

I am always optimistic that there are real answers to problems, but optimism is not fact. I see that I could easily be victim of this madness, but to accept madness because it is common is not something I consider.

In the movie Total Recall, someone had control of the oxygen on Mars and used it to control everybody. That turned out all right ( for the hero ) , but I am not sure that there would actually be any resistance after 5 minutes.

I wish I had an answer to this , but I don't.

There are millions of ways to destroy and few to create. The idea that destruction is a tool to advance humanity is absurd, but accepted.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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