Is a virus an operating system

The evidence

Considering the philosophy behind a monopoly, it seemed that a virus could be consider an OS if it was able to install itself as root on a machine. It could even be considered an upgrade if you are using some operating systems. When I go to buy a machine at the computer store, I have asked for a clean machine without an operating system as I wanted to install my own from scratch. They advised me that this is impossible. I am forced to pay for something I don't use and then go through the trouble of removing it myself. It is a virus host in my opinion. It is rather odd that I would be required to purchase a virus installed on my computer. This is absurd. If you were buying a car and they said "It comes standard with a parachute that slows it down, eats gas, makes it difficult to drive, and is mandatory equipment that you must buy", how would you feel?

There are people who want to use other operating systems and they are free to do so. That does not mean that I am obligated to support their choice with my money. This is a clear monopolistic practice and would not be tolerated in most other industries, how does the specific company get away with that? I think that manufacturers of computers are just as liable for this behavior, and to put the entire blame on the software company is an incomplete picture of who profits in such a situation.

Property Virus Os example
Forced install Yes Yes
Unwanted Yes Sometimes
Slows machine Yes Yes
Security risk Yes Yes
Hidden code Yes Yes

So a virus could be an OS IMHO

This link at Novell had me ROFL instantly as it about sums up what a person is doing when they migrate to the OS in question there.


Wei-Yee Chan said...

Yea, Windoze is.

Paul Mohr said...

This link I added to the post has to make you laugh as much as I did, I wonder whether they see the humor in it or is it intentional?

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Automated Intelligence
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