Information and Singularity

The new technology

I am not sure if every technology that is dreamed of in art will be created, but it seems that it may. When I was 7 years old, there were comic stories of Dick Tracy with his two way wrist radio and people laughed, because it wasn't possible to make tubes that small. Now everybody can have two-way video devices. In Star Trek there was a story about alternate worlds and a 'tantalus' device which could be used to monitor enemies and even destroy them without any physical presence, and in a way that could not be measured. This was the 'alternate' Kirk's secret power.

The possibilities

It would seem that such a technology would be very hard to conceal, the utility of it would spread in the same way that GPS, video phones, internet, and other technologies have spread. As a result, it would be difficult for governments to conceal where their weapons are kept and how they are controlled. The mere manufacture and possession of the weapons themselves would be a danger to those who created them.


thegnu said...

I tend to think it would be much easier for the government to conceal things than people think. The government has the authority to use deadly force as a method of policy enforcement, and certain organizations have the authorization to do this secretly and with no oversight.

While I'm not a big conspiracy theorist, I have a hard time believing there wasn't government complicity in 9/11, because while there's conflicting information on the Internet, I think it's more likely the government paid and coerced people to say they WEREN'T complicit than a conspiracy theorist paid and coerced people into saying they were. Additionally, if you apply the same methods that the FBI uses to narrow the field of who perpetrated a crime (who might benefit, who DID benefit, etc.), our own government's methods point back to them.

Now I've gotten off-topic. :) The point is, I think that there is a massive power and ability within the government to silence and discredit informants. If you're aware of any of the actions taken by the Church of Scientology, and consider relative power to the government, I think that it becomes fairly clear the ability for covert action, even out in the open.

Paul Mohr said...

I think that there is a history of using deception as a tool for power. I am sure there are many things that get hidden and in fact I am absolutely sure of it as I have been there for a couple of them and now there is no reference anywhere on the net that I can find. It is one of those problems that is encountered when you give someone else power over your life, in the same way as installing a virus on your computer, you never know what odd thing it will do, but you can be sure that it's primary purpose is to keep control.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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