n-D [0] Guild meeting about a new planet

edited This is Chapter one of the novel Unbeings *Meeting opens in the chamber in mind space*

First member speaks: "What will we decide on this new planet {long unique number}[1] and of course my opinion is the only one which matters, and I say push[2] them."


Second member: "I vote to fold[3] them."

Third member: "That gets funnier every time I hear it M2. However my instinct is push on this one."

* each speaks once and each makes a living visit[4]*

First member: "I see there is a sense that push is going to be the outcome on this as it was not noticed soon enough and there is some factor that seems to tend toward instability in the organisms?"

*nodding agreement*

First speaks: "So M14 is the visitor[5] on this one and if you can bring them back, you get a cookie"

Member 14: " Only one cookie?" *she smiles*

Accompanied with private research on the actual formation of a technology for this cultural group. 0. ( n-D's ) are a culture of space folders "unbeings" that maintain order in the multiverse. 1. ( unique number language ) Each object in the universe has a unique number to avoid mis-interpretation in language context. 2. ( push ) Separating a solar system in n-space to avoid any consequence of the discovery of folding technology. 3. ( fold ) The moving of a planet into the sun, or other methods of total destruction. 4. ( living visit ) Lives life as an entity on the planet in question. 5. ( visitor ) A person who lives with the emerging culture in isolation. Use for profit by other than the n-D's is prohibited by the n-D's. n-D technology includes but is not limited to the following. (nano-technology, AI, genetics, spacing, electronics, direct mind control) Skinners: In this context I was attempting to find a word which represented the fact that they were dimensionally linked and lived with a person. I guess I understand why sci-fi people make up so many new words, as the ones that might represent the concept get converted for some other purpose. Sounds like the "Barney" process. I will change that to something else.


Podblack Blog said...

Hello! Read Anne McCaffrey's 'Restoree'? Kind of reminds me of that... but that novel is from the perspective of an abducted human and so we are revealed the technological aspects as an outsider. Will allow for a more gradual acceptance of the milieu?

Paul Mohr said...

I will get that book (Restoree) and then make a response, you often cite these large references that I have no experience with :). I see you have a blogosphere response also.

I value your opinion on this as I have read your blog and it speaks to the rational.

I will do my research on what you suggest and see where that leads me.

Paul Mohr said...

I have found this.
And I guess you have mis-interpreted what I meant by "skinners" and so I will enhance the concept by reference :)

Paul Mohr said...

From email

It does require a lot of thought to visualize it, but certainly is possible for a sci-fi audience. I am going to share it with the kids.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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