Hitler's clones redux (The Boys from Brazil)

A rather long and interesting discussion which I think comes to the same conclusion, IMHO (On Science blogs.)

Locust mind Original article appearance on slashdot This example of DNA data for behavioral correlation is sketchy but it is interesting in the vein of finding a gene for every type of thing that a person is or does. My original comments : Nice blip but I think we should wait till all the votes are in before we start aborting children with the "Hitler gene" or having Neo Nazis cloning children with that gene.


ichandrae said...

cool blog.
About the dna-well I believe that everything psychological has a biological counterpart.
I get that idea from being a poet.

Paul Mohr said...

I have read some of your blog an I am impressed, I like this poem.
The irony of the stars tastes like lead poisoning.

Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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