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I have been following the progress of bitcoin and it is an interesting idea to mint your own currency from information, but I believe there is another more sensible way to deal with the issue of trade without a middle man to control the exchange. Gold and jewels have been used because they are rare and identifiable.
The idea of coin as power may not originate with the Roman empire, but they seem to have popularized it.
I suppose that a person could say that 10 barrels of oil equals one donkey, but that seems a bit cumbersome, "Sir, do you have change for a donkey, I prefer to get it in squirrels, if you have some."
There is one and only thing in the universe that cannot be created or destroyed and that is matter / energy.
I am -very- certain that I can take the principles that I have tested and create a cheap standardized device that will collect potential energy in one form and convert it to electrical potential energy efficiently ,as well as store it safely in a small volume by inexpensive and stable means.
It would seem to me that if I had a certain number of electrons at potential V, that this would be a very useful and granular currency that would be untraceable. As an engineer I have heard that joke about "fat electrons" clogging up the wires, but I know they are so similar they could be cousins!
Energy from the sun is free in space and the production by the sun is about 108 greater than what influences the exposed surface of the Earth.
A simple solar converter can be printed cheaply with a 3D printer. It can then produce a source of potential energy that is stable for 100's of years as well as the device having an MTBF of 100's of years. If this is currency, then it makes far more sense than a piece of paper or some other construct that is only as good as the word or power of those who fabricate it. It is a currency that does not wear out, doesn't need to be printed, is anonymous, and the most useful thing in the universe -energy- , by definition, it is the source of all good bits.
It was not possible until recently to cheaply fabricate a converter , nor was the concept recognized. It is now possible to make a 3D printer that prints itself completely and fabricates useful devices like this. I have designed robots for pick and place and wafer fabrication as well as many process applications and I am certain that this is a viable process. It should be immediately obvious that no company for profit is going to try and sell a 3D printer that can print itself. It is also so that once people understand how the energy conversion device is fabricated, that it cannot be controlled or forced into artificial scarcity to make profit.
It follows then that its implementation and adoption should follow the template of open source software. The information will be shared and expanded so that all people can innovate, share energy to create their ideas, and eventually to manufacture food and cellular medical replacements for aging organisms, so minds that have spent a lifetime understanding and expanding knowledge are not allocated to chaos.
The mitochondria as power house of the cell functions as a very good battery, but it isn't very convenient to barter in ATP or amino acids. It has been shown that food substances can be created in greater quantity, if fixed nitrogen and carbon dioxide are available. It is an energy conversion process that is farming.
A bank would be a place where energy is stored. Obviously energy is a defining component for human survival, whether to cool when it is hot, warm when it is cold, provide travel from place to place, pump water, operate devices, power electronics, robots, and to power the production of new usable constructs.

It would be nice if others participated to make it happen more quickly, but whether alone or with assistance, it will be done, because it makes and powers itself and as such it is very much like a crop of corn that can seed its next generation and feed its farmer in perpetuity so long as the sun shines.
I am sure that I have not seen every advantageous nuance that could be applied to this and it is difficult to focus on manufacturing and creativity at the same time, as the mental state is very different.

It occurred to me that if people could generate and store energy where they live and there is a wired electrical grid for distribution of power, that if power became decentralized, then that grid could be an energy internet that allowed a person to buy food, a service, or materials for energy delivered through that network.
Amazon is already working toward a decentralized local product network IIRC, and this would be a model for the delivery of product. There are new technologies which -might- allow a material net.
It seems that a "powernet" could be established in a cost effective manner, even if there were no efficient solar converter, by using the Sadoway battery from MIT research. It would allow people to store energy at any time that electric was off peak and use it during peak demand to lower the cost of electrical delivery even without any major technological changes. The storage cell would pay for itself in reduced electrical energy cost.
This will probably be my last blog post as we will have a web site for the development of the project and it is not intended to make money but to facilitate the adoption of the technology. It is possible that it can be applied as a storage battery that converts gasoline directly to electricity with a very high efficiency and low pollution, though the operational weight as well as the design is the issue and that is to be determined. It could serve as an easy transform from fossil fuel as it would allow an electric car to fill up with gas and create energy from that or be recharged with electrical potential, either way. It solves range issues as well as the need for immediate adoption of electrical filling stations and total power available.
The kickstarter is in process and if it is approved I will put a link here, otherwise I will link to the site that will provide the detailed physics and chemistry of the project as well as help in implementing the energy solution. If people want to continue paying for electricity and accepting the consequence of its sloppy generation, that is their business. It is a monumental task to consider the creation of billions of units for free energy that can be stored for later use.
It requires a technology like a self replicating 3D printer that can produce the device and thus use the power of exponential growth to achieve a result in a reasonable time frame. 232 is 4.294967296 x 109, and so t is not as important as E and M.

Ein schöner Ersatz für Kernenergie.

Хорошая замена для ядерной энергетики.



Un bon remplacement pour l'énergie nucléaire.

Don't you think so?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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