Mistaken Identity

I thought they were writers. I always wonder about movies and songs as they make stupid illogical assumptions that people seem to follow like hypnotized zombies. I suppose we could be in the "Zombie Apocalypse" and nobody notices because everybody is a zombie. In the movie T2, the shape shifting robot could take any form and yet he decides to be stupid too. I realize the whole point was to create and resolve angst in a fantasy, but it can't be enjoyed unless you suspend the rational mind and become the tool of the delusion. Gee, if I was this robot, I would take the shape of the governor of California, and just have a state wide man hunt for Sarah and John Connor, then execute them in their cells when captured. Or take the shape of Sarah Connor, assassinate somebody prominent in public and then get somebody else to do the dirty work. I suppose that when cyborgs took over from the humans they inherited their stupidity or perhaps a terminator designed by an idiot is an idiot.

Every other fiction has the same flaws and a person with a reasonable mind and some sense of personal identity can't really enjoy it, knowing that it is no different than pron, it is a simulation of effect to create a mental state without any physical reality and as such is a form of brain washing or subversion of identity to the point that they cease to function in the physical world.

So it seems that the zombie apocalypse is upon us and "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" was successful and now the pod people walk around with no real understanding of what is happening and waiting for someone to tell them how pod people act.

How is it that L. Ron Hubbard could have such a lunatic and untestable or measurable concept of "Xenu?" and get people to sail about in ships and be tortured, I suppose it is the fact that everybody is a stupid zombie or stupid shape shifting terminator robot from the future and there is no one left with an intact brain, so there is nothing for them to eat, m m m mmmm brains...


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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