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I am combining several different technologies to achieve something different from the simple representation of concepts as dots and ordered words. This process was automated and though there were some CPU cycles involved, the pipeline continues and somewhere in my networks is a queue of things moving. I can say that studying probability in the context of modeling a POS "point of sale" sales counter customer queue does help me in this endeavor. So does UDP, wireshark and many other tools.

The script is just for reference and the text is the output from tesseract-ocr on a document ( Some Maxwell work ) snatched ( legally ) by wget from the internet archives and I am impressed. It seems to be 100%, straight out of the box!

The other steps involve Python, C, MR. Markov, and Alice Infinity. The intent is to identify the internal structure that is the learned "concept" and adapt it as an equation of sorts that is applied to the AI and to the replicator as well as being translated to graphviz, gnuplot, and latex. It also produces python code for numpy in some cases. In some cases the information becomes a physical object replicated in atomic precision. It isn't any fun at all unless it is almost hopelessly complex and bizarre.  There is much more to this than meets the Google Glasses. For me the science comes alive with a bite like no fiction can produce. The consequence is real physical matter and defines the means to use it to achieve whatever goal a person could dream to reality.  I see many things when I read the words. I am sure that I see different things than others as it reflects the dimensions I add to the concepts and as such is certainly context sensitive.

Why would I choose imaginary worlds with dimensionless characters exhibiting themselves as emotional prostitutes to no real end. When the last frame of the film goes black, you are left with less than nothing.

I watched a video by Jeri Ellsworth on her personal electron microscope and that was fascinating. I would like to mix her electron microscope with my atomic force fabricator. After writing that it, I realized it could be considered scientifically salacious. If such a thing is even defined in that context.

pdftk in.pdf burst output in_%02d.pdf
for fname in `ls in_??.pdf` ; do
fn=$(basename $fname .pdf)
convert -density 400 $fn.pdf -scale 6000x3000 $fn.png
tesseract $fn.png $fn
cat $fn.txt >> all.txt




PHYSICAL SCIENCE is that department of knowledge
which relates to the order of nature, or, in other words,
to the regular succession of events.

The name of physical science, however, is often
applied in a more or less restricted manner to those
branches of science in which the phenomena considered
are of the simplest and most abstract kind, excluding
the consideration of the more complex phenomena, such
as those observed in living beings.

The simplest case of all is that in which an event
or phenomenon can be described as a change in the
arrangement of certain bodies. Thus the motion of the
moon may be described by stating the changes in her
position relative to the earth in the order in which they
follow one another.

In other cases we may know that some change of
arrangement has taken place, but we may not be able
to ascertain what that change is.

Thus when water freezes we know that the molecules
or smallest parts of the substance must be arranged
differently in ice and in water. We also know that this
arrangement in ice must have a certain kind of sym-
metry, because the ice is in the form of symmetrical

"crystals, but we have as yet no precise knowledge of

the actual arrangement of the molecules in ice. But
whenever we can completely describe the change of

M. I

Dr. Maxwell, what are your thoughts on Quantum Electrodynamics and neutrinos in specific? Who took my Newton hat?

I would say that a logic extension of Google goggles would the exact thing that I employ in gedanken space. What if a person could put on a pair of glasses that allowed them to see the world with all the talent and skill of James Maxwell or Imhotep, Archimedes, ...  Not just an education, but a tool that amplifies cognitive ability that would be the equivalent of a thinking cap . Just bizarre, but possible and IMHO likely to be reality soon. The implications exponentiate and I could not predict what such a paradigm shift would do to the present order. It is always something.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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