The illustrated patchwork mind

Many things have been discovered about the mind and its function. The problem as I see it is the same one that drug addicts have. Once you start modifying hardware, and that hardware is used to modify itself, you enter the realm of self realized manufacturing and rather than gaining some useful outcome, you lose all but the one for which you design and on top of that you lose the ability to again choose a different path. Entropy mandates it will eventually collapse upon itself.

I have observed research that was done many decades ago and would likely be banned if attempted today. If it is possible to remove sections of a mind and then replace them with stem cells , it would seem that it would be a kind of pick and place circuit. I have watched "Fringe" and it is a mash of  random weirdness and one of those things is that people keep getting pieces of their brains inserted and deleted for the benefit of what, IDK [ okay, probably ratings :) ].

I would have thought this would never happen when I was younger, but now it seems that perhaps it will eventually be done.

I wonder how that might progress. It isn't anything new and many cultures and nation states have tinkered with this or are tinkering with it. The interesting aspect is that some might recuse themselves from a process they implement. For instance, if it were to be determined that a specific internal relationship leads to psychopathic and dangerous results, then like { mandatory new born DNA collection, mandatory inoculation, birth restrictions }, there might be a brain scan and if a specific feature that was undesirable for the state was identified, then it would be removed like some useless appendage.

It would be logical that if people in power were to recuse themselves from this same inspection ( which they always do ) and correction, then the only place that sociopaths would arise is in their midst. I could imagine that what progressed would be no different than Zwillinge heraustreten!

The world has become a strange landscape to me because I developed my impressions of it in a different time than those who now enter the fray. It can only get curiouser and more complex unless somebody choses a self sustaining recursive action. It is a risk because there is a motive force that would satisfy the intent of the individuals involved. In some ways it is already done. I am reminded of the wholesale neutering of mental defectives, genocides against races ( or species ) considered inferior in some aspect, lobotomies as a remedy to anything, drugs that destroy higher brain function.

There is an intersect between existentialism, electronics, AI, genetics, medicine and all other sciences that implies that humans will continue to extend based on biological motives to extrapolate those motives into something which amounts to tool use that I can only imagine will lead to something with one part people soup and the rest contrived. It certainly is an existential issue and if you are doing pick and place on behavioral biological circuits, who is the responsible party or even the party themselves. If it is 2% wolf, 5% madman, 20% fish and filled with random bits of circuitry, and then stuffed in a Paris Hilton body suit, it makes a strange boundary that does not discriminate on what is perceived as the singularity of existence.

The biggest problem is not in the understanding of what is taking place, but in the irrational motives of those who have become a product of their own delusion.

I suppose it is like an electrical engineer who has missed a lecture on wattage and every design they create eventually burns itself out and they continue destroying every circuit they create and continue to do so their entire life because the concept that the fault lies within the operator is not possible to consider for biological reasons.

I do wonder why a person would commit the Ship of Theseus err in reasoning when applied to existentialism. Once all the parts have been upgraded from the original equipment, is there a difference between a dog upgraded to superhuman and a famous genius that ends up with the same identical structure?

It is not difficult to see that a process of deception is at work and even how it is implemented. It is the mirror of mind that reflects upon itself. The advantage and disadvantage all rolled into one recursive algorithm.

It is also obvious that many more things are yet to be understood and some hints imply something that may change the entire perspective of everything. I would wonder how an alien race that is evolved without symmetry would deal with the concept of normals to a plane or even left and right handedness? Actually, I think I understand that one.

It is a very odd issue and certainly borders on the infinite by its own self reference. I would suppose that a recursive C procedure like that used for calculating the nth Fibonacci sequence or Lambdas λ.

Oopsie, page fault, reboot, okay, where was I? Damn journaling file system has a parity er..., Oopsie, where was I? Damn boot loadre has a par .. Ooopsie..., Opsie has a party flat, Happy New Year!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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