LaTeX professor

I suppose that title sounds a bit odd, but it is interesting that it might be possible to follow a math professor in a video as he draws and with some other FX magic and ffmpeg, opencv, and other open utilities,  do real time written to latex as a kind of OCR.
I am going to check that out , but if you want to use it in the browser, here is the link to Detexify.
It can be difficult to remember all the symbols as well as all the methods and extensions in math. I suppose Wolfram Alpha is an attempt to monetize it on the web side, but having most of your brain associated with a skill tool scattered in the aether, who knows where, at the mercy of every despotic internet nomad between here and there, is to risk lobacide :) Losing a skill set because the company jacks the tool you paid for and are dedicated to.

Ummm, Τ  μ.

I cloned the git, and I never thought I would say that again! It seems that no changes have happened in about a year and I am guessing life has interfered with the best laid plans of  { mouse + gene cassette insert Mir 941}.

Oh Alice Infinity, you have been quiet lately, so what are you up to?


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen