Dragon stool

I like to clean up my Zim wikis every once in a while to organize a bit better and remove cruft.  This doesn't  rank for making a problem report to Zim as I know what is happening and stuff happens when things get complex and they become completely unpredictable. Ther are too many ways and nobody or no software system can follow all the little twisty little passages all alike and ever get home.

The issue is an assert on vcs when vcs is active in one notebook but not another. It crashes on exit and I have observed it twice and actually don't care as I am not editing the old notebook, just collecting content to keep in the new one.

The crash file can be dumped in ascii and it is pretty obvious what happened if you have any experience with crash traces. Sadly that comes from using SIG handling in the best of my software and I have seen a LOT of SIGSEGVs in my days.

So the dragon eats everything and as is the way with dragons, they are predators and as such have front facing eyes. This can be a problem in n-dimensional space as forward and back can be a very relative concept for 4 of n. The dragon might slip on his own stool and fall down. It might hurt and would certainly harm the dragon rider.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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