Banning thought

Philosophy is something new to me and is hardly an engineering discipline except as one might extend AI and neurophysiology to some extreme. It does have correlation though. Presently I am in the midst of the weeds where I wanted to be. I had decided to make a speed run through Linear Algebra until I hit KCL and see how far off the tracks I could fly.
It is a wild ride and how it ended up with "Atlas Shrugged" is one of those things that happen when you multiply infinities. I could also say that ∞ -1 could be considered, though it is mainly shrugged off. I could say that a unique solution is in fact ∞-1.
I had never read the novel "Atlas Shrugged", but the concept is familiar as I have expressed something similar without knowing it had been so well explored and (John Galt) even used in the "Tea Party" rhetoric.
The vast array of dystopian  futures seem like vectors and I would doubt that any one vector would solve the future, but it is reasonable to assume that any two random vectors in 2 would have a solution. It is like the product  (∞-1)2.
I am not  going to be distracted by  א 0 ℵ Aleph Infinity AI. That is for another day.

There is something in the philosophy that is very similar to KCL ( Kirchoff's Current Law ) and society. They are both physical processes and one could consider motive as voltage. The steady state conclusion would arise from the matrix power. Of course it isn't a steady state matrix and it is obvious that it is periodic.
Much like a watershed algorithm, it could be said that combinations of position and intent naturally lead to the product. When it is raining a person would like to have an umbrella handy. So the reign does come at first slow and steady and finally becomes a torrent that sweeps away the monuments of power. A fight against oneself.
A little closer to the topic is the nature of matrices themselves. This was mainly what I wanted to grasp. I have done that and run into quite a few rocks on the way.

So..... it is obvious that down under the math is another math. One of the nice things about Khan is that he limits the scope of an issue and proclaims it to whole unto itself and presents it as bite size concepts. It isn't true and it may give one a sense of accomplishment to know ∞-1,

Pride goes before destruction, and a haughty spirit before a fall.
Which is a quote from another book that is widely read and oft misinterpreted. In this case it sounds like a situational caveat about emotions and their influence on careful logic. I could just as well quote "Dune" and say

Fear is the mind killer.

IMHO, the math is right but for all the wrong reasons. Deeper in the weeds is the rock I was looking for and though I haven't fully tested how well it grinds grain, it is the glint in the grass that I was looking for. Sometimes these things are just that, but in this case it isn't a broken beer bottle. From the very first introduction to Matrix math it was sneaking suspicion that somebody had got it wrong and picked some very elegant and useful things while missing the nice little box it comes in.

I have no doubt that symbolic "1984" is coming at some real year in the future, and I would certainly be a thought criminal, but I would rather keep the things that I love close and let the rats have their way with flesh instead of the letting them get to  "The Food of the Gods". It isn't an altruistic choice, just one that I feel is logical.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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