Bigger on the flip side

I have been considering replicator technology and studying the work of others as well as applying knowledge of AI, cloning, molecular genetics, electronic design, mechanics, and software.

It has become obvious that I can fabricate a person in the same way that it was done in the Dr Who episode called "Rebel Flesh". The process and methods bear no resemblance to the methods that they used, but the end result is the same. A ganger with all the memory and personality of the person duplicated that would function completely autonomously in almost the exact same way as the original.

The process as I can imagine it at the moment would require about 16 hours from nothing to the duplicate.
It would cost about $50,000 to do it and so 1 year's labor becomes a new lifetime. The equation of immortality in some freakish mirror world that defies philosophical description.

I seem to remember a Twilight Zone episode with the same theme as well as a Star Trek and even before that Frankenstein and before that Greek mythology and before that Egyptian kings, but that was 50 - 100 - 1000 - 10,000 years ago. It gets thunk and then it gets done. We just happen to be on the busy end of the pencil nowadays.

I have managed to scare myself with the implications, which is a tall task.
I was joking about fabricating a robot in a few minutes last week and it seems that things that are ridiculous one week are facts the next. Things are changing so fast that if you blink the world will pass you by. I suppose that would be like the "Weeping Angels" in Dr Who terms. If you blink you will be sent back in time and in a way it is virtually true as everybody and everything will be different and futuristic as well as unfamiliar and you will be an anachronism out of time.

So, don't blink, don't look away and don't worry because this most surely is not the scariest thing that will pop out of the singularity closet unexpectedly.
I see that somebody else implemented a -real- -ish- gravity gun.

Fantasy becomes fact and as a result the illusions sold for entertainment become dull when the real thing could be just outside the theater when you have missed 2 hours of the future for delusion.

Oh yeah, a planet called Lucy. Really!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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