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There is a strong suggestion in the data from DNA that would point to a single unusual solution to the nature of life. There are many different things hidden in the structure of the global genome that derive from the fact that it responds to the physical universe in a way that can't be done with machines which are designed by concept. Even the slightest effect of matter can be incorporated in the design and this is what differentiates life from mechanical design. Electronics would be in the category of mechanical design in this context.

It reminds me of the dimensional alignment in Buckaroo Banzai that was necessary to switch from real to an altered space for the Yoyodyne Propulsion design. It is a very bizarre implication and like everything in the universe, it is never certain until everything is known, which is never. It would seem that it is possible that life on Earth is actually the shipwreck of an alien race. I have been studying space travel methods and DNA and atomic manufacturing that would be necessary for effective space travel. I personally do not find that being ferried about in a tin can to some other gravitationally isolated fiefdom to be all that exciting an idea. It does correlate very well and it is always odd when 6 simultaneous equations solve inside a particular area of study. It does explain quite a bit if it is true. I am not sure who would be called the aliens in this particular case. It would imply that they were traveling about this area 3 billion years ago. The movie Alien with Sigourney Weaver , tells of a horrible predator that infects life and kills everything in its path to breed in vast numbers, only to become its own prey. Pretty much an old tale of locusts or the big bad wolf placed in current context. There are a large number of other variables that could align with this answer and some that I can verify myself. Some research at MIT recently has provided me with a strong clue and of all the universities, I believe that MIT is the most likely to solve the core equation of the universe in its undirected research. A few research directions could be considered "creepy" by some, but matter is just matter. I was not suggesting that some small ship collided with Earth, but that a ship nearly a tenth of the mass of Earth was involved. There are some other indicators that may become available shortly. The forensic evidence from 3 billion years ago may actually be intact. I know that it is possible to travel about at speeds near the speed of light and as a minimum, an advanced culture could do the same. It is also not unreasonable to assume that they could and would travel between stars and even galaxies. I think they would be very wise to avoid things that grow in gravity holes.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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