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This is some new technology I am testing and conventional ways seem to be a real handicap. Certainly the concept to market time is faster because of all the technology , but it still follows from methods that delay implementation and use. If a person is required or intends to monetize ideas, it puts them out of the real game. I can go from concept to design in as little as a few minutes without encumbrance. As a result I can see what effect the combination of technology has and recurse to a new design in the next few minutes. As a result the people who have that one great idea that they cherish and milk for decades lose something else in the process. They may have many pieces of paper that they value, but they have technology that is decades behind and so do the people who go along with their premise.

Perhaps this is a new technology accelerant for me. If you wait 10 years for an idea to become commercial, you are that much in the past. Personally there are new ideas and designs that occur to me each day and they follow from what is done the day before. I have devised a new type of computational structure that would obsolete every other computational platform if it were implemented. The problem is that I know that if I do spend my time attempting to collect little pieces of paper for my talent, I will have just that in the end. A pile of worthless paper that will buy technology that is essentially a thousand years old. If each hour is a new design cycle for me, and perhaps a year or more for another product, if I can innovate without restraint, the math says that I progress into the future at a rate of 10,000 years for every year that others spend to monetize new ideas. It has already yielded some startling new uses for me. It is certainly like living in the future, because it really is. It may not be the only possible future, but it serves me and I can always back fill if there is something I missed. In a way, it may be the only real future that exists.

It certainly seems to be an end in itself. No matter what I might do, I can never buy the technology that I create, because it only exists in my time and by my action. I prefer not to live in the past, it is boring.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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