The sound of burning fusion and crushing death

I am experimenting with sound because it is a spectrum of frequencies like the stars and galaxies and something is to be learned by knowing how to analyze and produce that matrix. The image is the new Cecilia4 python interface to "csound" and can be had at this link to Cecilia4.

export OPCODEDIR=/usr/local/lib/csound/plugins

That must be in ".bashrc" or it does strange things to the machine and it cries.

While thinking about this it would seem that black holes are the ultimate example of inelastic collisions and in addition to the fact that they would reflect the gravitational and electrical field of the entire universe in inverse square proportion, they would also reflect the relative momentum as well as the angular momentum of all space. It would seem that whether space is expanding or black holes are dragging the galaxies ever farther apart, that the music of all the spheres in the heavens would sing an interesting tune if I can break them down into their interacting parts. The coherence of their sum should reveal some more information that could model the nature of the universe in time and space.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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