Solved Einstein untangled

The image is blender 2.6 with a python 3 scripted screw with a background of Einstein game solving graphs using log2, histograms, binning, overlays, annotation, csv, time and curve fitting methods. I think I could use a backpack tree algorithm with multiple simultaneous backpacks to solve the Einstein game as a sparse tree. It seems that this is much like what I think when I look at the hints and see a dependency tree in many dimensions that becomes a solution matrix.

As far as the real Einstein goes, I am afraid he failed to see the bigger picture. Like Newton before him, he could not possibly have solved the complete puzzle without more hints in the way of data. If an additional dimension of time is considered, the paradoxes all go away and there is no twin paradox or duality of light and many other things become utterly obvious like the superluminal jets of quasars. A lot of speculation on what might be possible through relativity is dismissed and though it would have been nice to discover little green men on Mars, it was not so and often the truth is quite a bit more dull than speculation. I am much closer to the transverse relativity drive and finally feel that I may eventually understand it, so that I can create it.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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