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I was thinking about length contraction with velocity again and trying to make an argument that could be used to consider the problem. I considered a ship that was traveling at a significant percentage of the speed of light. I then considered what would happen if a crack developed amid ship and it started to separate. Then I wondered if it was completely separated at the fissure and then if it were separated by some considerable distance. So then, when does it become an object that is subject to length contraction? It implies that the concept of time and length as applied to an existential entity is improper. If there is no reason to assume that covalent bonding implies some magical character to matter, then any two co-moving objects in the entire universe would be contracted. It is true that different parts of any conglomerate would have different velocities and electrons moving in wires would be at a different relative state. It seems absurd that a "frame of reference" other than some imaginary axis could exist and I also wonder what time clock would be applicable to an electron. What temporal effect would an isolated electron experience. It would seem that the description and application of relativity is incorrect. There is no doubt that temporal distortion does occur and that gravity influences time, however the application and its consistency is in question.

There are some very real questions about how the mathematics of relativity is applied and even the idea that primal origin of the universe may just be a situation where alternate hypothesis is never considered due to the focus and peer pressure of making a living in physics education and publishing. It seems there is a focus on and education of that which is known as of this time and it will certainly change if new information can make it through the veil of wishful certainty.

I could offer no coherent solution to some anomalous data, but when the entire process is incomplete, it perhaps cannot be explained without further information about the universe. Perhaps it will never be solved until somebody can go an look to see if there is molecular hydrogen between the stars, or whether the bounds of the universe expand to infinity. It makes little difference in everyday life and my only interest in the matter is to provoke thought so that I might learn something new.

There were recent developments from the after hours janitors at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) where they twitted that they had accelerated mustard packets to a significant percent of the speed of light which collided with a ham sandwich and discovered a new particle they called a poupon. It actually travels slower than zero and has no mass, but creates the flavor of many different condiments. They come in three colors which are gray and grey and gray which combines to a hadron which has charm,smell and is two thirds left handed yellow.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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