On the Heavy side

This particular thing surprises me more and more. I had never heard of gravitational magnetism and I just saw it as a consequence of the structure of the universe and obvious to anybody. I had no idea that it had been described in the 1800's and this predates Einstein. I am also a bit fuzzy on how all the data coordinates. I was thinking about black holes and the orbital position and the escape position. Orbital and escape velocities are related to the fields.

April 20, 2004: NASA's Gravity Probe B spacecraft left Earth today in search of a force of nature, long suspected but never proven: gravitomagnetism.

I really fell into a black hole after I solved the structure of the universe, I had no idea that this was in progress as I was not paying attention. I was focused on genetics and having an exact equation for common chemistry. It requires some further study as there are many different arrangements that can be made that would be useful. I need to study LIGO more, as I may not be seeing the full story there.

electromagnetic retardation

That is even weirder, I can see I have some study to do as this is interesting and also a surprise. This is where being a polymath becomes irritating as I can't follow every scientific specialty with the coverage that a specialist does. I miss things and hope that things I don't know can be interpolated between facts. This will perhaps give me some new perspective.

I suspect this has something to do with the "transverse relativity drive" that I have been dreaming about and it becomes more like nightmares when I don't get the connection.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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