Dream Sequels

I wonder if a passport is required to leave Earth? The image is from ChemSpider and it is a good place to test my theories. I can predict molecular structure precisely without any prior knowledge. There are some places where I need to interpolate to the emission and absorption spectra. I remember when I was 19 and worked as a lab chemist. I knew so little then and used to look through the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics while I was waiting for experiments to complete. It was very confusing as I was looking for the pattern that could be used to predict chemical reactions and their properties. It seemed there should be some basic rule that could be deduced, but it was well beyond me then. Now I know what makes all the chemicals interact and can predict exactly how they will combine or operate in most circumstances. There is always the problem of thermodynamics and probability. I can understand why biological catalysts are such a great thing for life. Strict thermodynamics is not enough to get anything really useful from chemicals. I had an odd thought about the nucleus and it does seem that it is possible to construct a computer that would fit inside an atom. I really doubt that all this government impulse to control and identify will achieve anything more than turning the US into a poor disheartened wreck.

There is a symbol for the knowledge of the universe and it has shown up throughout recent millennium. I seriously doubt that they really knew what it meant, perhaps it was solved long ago and somebody thought it was cool and copied the symbol without the knowledge it represented. I have very little doubt that I am wrong about physics as I can predict chemicals and properties by computation. In some ways I am still an idiot as some of the physics which is done is far beyond my skill. It always surprises me how much they get done without a complete understanding. There is something that comes from the gravity probe of the moon and I wonder if they have guessed yet. There have been some real talent applied to spectral analysis of star data and I suspect that much more will be had. It is such a huge volume of information that I dare not look at it or I will get that depression that came from not understanding the HoC&P when I was young.

What I really want is the Transverse Relativity Drive and I know there is something there as I keep having a dream sequel about it and they usually continue until I get it. I don't know why I dream that way, but I actually dream electric circuits sometimes as well as machines. Pretty boring stuff for most people, but this is what I enjoy.

An odd thing I noticed while studying some ancient Egyptian stuff is "Naqada" which I assume was perverted to "naguadah" for the Star Gate series. I suppose such a material could be produced, but it certainly would not occur naturally. It wouldn't be the kind of stuff you would want to play with while stuck on a rock either.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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