Theory of biological profitivity

A rudimentary attempt to analyze the state of matter that is this planet and its future.

It does seem that life can be analyzed in gross terms to be something that uses energy and method to further its structure. If there were no constructed sources of EMF then it would be an economy of the energy which comes from the star. The mining of stored energy is not new either as many organisms utilize compounds or systems that store energy.

It could be said that the gross economy of the planet is dependent on energy acquired and the method by which it is utilized. Selection of change removes structures. In some odd way, an economy of natural life would have a single "monetary" unit in the amount of solar radiation that was captured on the Earth's surface and applied to maintaining structure and utility. In that situation it would be obvious that if a new organism consumed all the conversion life to support its biological progress, then no further profit could be had from the sun.

Environmental concerns reflect this fact and the mindless scouring of the Earth to provide energy for maintenance and change can only proceed until it destroys its own substrate.

I would say that there is parallel in the economic and intellectual structure of the world. You may rate the economies in any way you see fit, however it does not mean that simply by defining a system that pleases you will produce a system that is sustainable or even capable of surviving. In the same way that all things originate from the equation of the universe it is not possible to build structure and function which acts sideways to the constraints of physicality. It would be obvious in a localized situation where one was stranded in the desert without water and food or any gas for a vehicle perhaps. The energy requirements to be effective have not been met and it could even be said that it was very poor planning that places one in such a situation.

It is obvious that life requires continual consumption to qualify as life and it is also obvious that molecular energy is limited to some extent, however that is quantified.

An economic or political system which defines a structure that defies nature and physics will fail and it is very obvious that feeble attempts to define such structures of economy and power are horrid monstrosities of waste and destruction. It is a system designed of parts that can never survive as an "entity". It is a fraud against nature and it pays the penalty to all who are accomplices. There is no reason that would preclude a system based on the actual facts of the universe and their application. It is obvious to me that there is sufficient structure and energy to maintain the existing biological framework for billions of years without loss.

It is only reasonable that a unicellular or viral life form would work on the principle of greed and extravagance as it has no capability to project to the future. To use the same analogy of the desert, man strands himself in the desert without food and water in search of a solution which does not exist. It would be sensible in a bacterial sense, but an organism which is capable of memory and comparison and thus projection of known to its product sees into the future of life and one conclusion that I draw is that even though the organism is based upon the principles of simpler life and those impulses are represented in the structure, they would be well advised to consider the fact that if they can recognize the pattern and respond, then that impulse to act in ways which are inherent in their nature will also be the cause of their ultimate demise.

This is the fatal flaw of any system which is designed around the endless consumption and expansion. If a source of energy is discovered which provides unlimited growth, it would be an explosion by definition if it were not channeled and restrained. This is all well and good when we consider fungi or bacteria or even mindless pests as it is the dominant strategy. In the case of a thoughtful organism it is actually contrary to the skill that is inherent in the organism itself. I see the past and project the future and substitute parts to create a new design and if I create an engine whose cylinder pressure is infinite-1 and its containment and drive train infinitely strong, it will produce axle acceleration which goes to c as a limit and though it might be entertaining , it fails to account for brakes.

The economic and political systems as well as the philosophical framework of this planet is ill suited for singularity. It will rip itself apart from its own internal forces in a mad rush to convert an infinite energy source to infinite power.

It is actually the philosophical framework that lags technology. Advancements in technology push at the boundaries of mysticism and things like diseases that were considered "plagues on man" by some deity or vague action force of nature are recognized to be nothing more than somewhat controllable chemical process. It has not hampered the acceptance of that principle to be applied to all matter and it is odd that once a perfect and absolute system has been shown to have a decaying structure and no utility, it continues. That is another issue and I don't think I want to go that far today. I will just say that the rotting corpse of nations past may carry some emotional significance to those who drag its corpse about, but look in the mirror and realize that it is not your beloved, but the fangs of the puppeteer.

In 2007, Niven, in conjunction with a group of science fiction writers known as SIGMA, led by Pournelle, began advising the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as to future trends affecting terror policy and other topics. One of his suggestions as a member of SIGMA was that hospitals stem financial losses by spreading rumors in Spanish within the Latino community that emergency rooms are killing patients in order to harvest their organs for transplants, in order to reduce illegal immigrants' use of emergency rooms.

That is a quote from Wikipedia and I have no doubt that it could be true. I personally have my dealings with the "old guard" ( all over the world ) and some of the things that actually get implemented are insane IMHO. The actual facts make Dr Strangelove look like a documentary.

Power really does make people insane and it only requires a cursory look at Gadaffi and his system to wonder what would justify a belief that a person of no great talent except destruction would consider himself above all others. It is the motive and the product combined in one wonderful package and is no more elegant than a sociopathic serial killer or virus. If he had technology and means to subjugate the Earth to his will, it would happen without the slightest hesitation, even if it meant that it would end of all life. Look also at Jonestown to see a template of this madness. In their estimation, the people who are their victims have no reality to them. It is this fact that makes unlimited resources dangerous. It is not inherently so, as I cope with it quite well, but some would not sheath the blade for some future utility. I wonder at those that would provide power to madmen, if perhaps they are not a bit techted(sic) too.

A social system cannot be based on the maximum applicable force if that force becomes larger than the physical constraints. It is by its very definition a self contained explosive device. It is a hand grenade without a pin. It does remind me of a Monty Python sketch where a pile of hand grenades was found by troops with the admonition "do not pull pin" and they proceeded to pull the pins until everybody was dead except the commander, who called it diabolical and called for reinforcements as he pulled the pin. It isn't the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch, but I can't seem to find which sketch it was.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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