Don't stir a tornado and expect soup

It is an interesting thing that the universe has such a predictable instruction set and so it is easy to provide a set of instructions that run everywhere. The problem is that there isn't anybody who knows the programming language even though everybody has access to the CPU. I suppose it is a VCISC [ Very Complex Instruction Set Computer ] and it is very difficult to devise the operation of the system when just looking at the programming examples. I am not saying that the universe is so predictable that it is some simple machine. Even at its simplest it is infinite and extends in time to the beginning and ends of the known universe.

"I see many things..","I see plans within plans." When the instructions are decoded it is easy to see what effect will ensue, and it is disappointing to resolve the vectors and identify the motives. I think there is a saying about tempest in a tea pot. "Excitabat enim fluctus in simpulo".

I had occasion to take my washing machine apart and reassemble it and it would seem that CAD drawing should be more like Blender images that show texture, reflectivity, color and shade. I am not sure that looking at a typical exploded view gives any sense of the relationships. I always enjoy seeing how things are done and in this case it is not how I would do it, but it serves the purpose adequately and seems to be designed to last long enough under normal use for my purposes.

It creeps through the atoms and walks like a fish.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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