Knowing the infinite

It has become clear to me that we always suffer from the bad ideas that come before better understanding of the universe. I have no problem with being a meat bag, if that is what I am, but based on some possibilities of the structure of the universe, I am less inclined to say that is all that is going on with people , minds, identity and many other things. I have a sound physical theory that leads me to believe there is much more going on than meets the eye or has been scientifically enumerated. The universe always surprises, because it functions in the same way that a software is tested with a hardware. People create code and perhaps they don't know what it does exactly but it does something useful. A lot of times it turns out to depend on something that just there and has no spec or permanence.

Since it has been discovered that frogs may have algae embedded in their cells and ants use fungi and other creatures in a symbiotic way, it has occurred to me that yet another thing that could have been designed is already done by the universe. There is talk of uploading consciousness into a computer and what if the universe has already discovered that this is an advantage for another form of life? What I suspect is that in the same way that I would think that having Euler still around to work with, perhaps the universe has already cracked wise to that advantage and by some contorted mechanism or structure, retains that knowledge for itself?

I was wondering why we must use partition tables for drives? If all the space were available and each loadable OS like thing could just assign what it needed, there would be no wasted space where an OS like Windows claims the entire disk ( even though it may use very little ) and makes it almost impossible to use that space without a complete reformat.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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