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There have been attempts to bring back the woolly mammoth by way of its DNA and I do wonder why it is not at least considered that the DNA sequences of Euler, Newton, Galileo, and many others is not considered for conservation, at least in the sequence of the DNA. I have no idea what causes a person to be a genius, whether it is genetics or environment or any combination of both. It seems a shame that the potential might be lost to bring them back in some form in the future. It is a sticky ethical question, as they have no say in the matter and it is their form. It would be very interesting to see Euler teach math or Newton to contemplate again the nature of the universe. Pharaohs dreamed of immortality and to some extent they have achieved that in their DNA.

It could be in the near future that it is possible to determine how the sequence of DNA creates mind and as odd as it might seem, experimentation is done with the lower mammals all the time. It does seem to offend the senses when one considers themselves an entity beyond physicality, but I do not ascribe to that baseless assumption.

I know that attempts are being made to create suspended animation and to some extent this is just another form of reanimation, albeit, quite convolved. I would guess that it would eventually start to happen. If people have such a fond affection for the art created by Da Vinci, it would seem that many would have an even stronger desire to see him at work along with Shakespeare , Tolstoy, and other great artists. It would certainly produce better TV programming than "The A Team" or "The Monkees", but I would bet the TV producers would never hire them. Instead they would have a show of resurrected life mud wrestling with Mme Curie , Ada Lovelace, Cleopatra, and Helen of Troy


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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