Tv with cheese camerabin and Linux

I was wanting to merge tvtime and cheese and perhaps use a wxPython interface with some swig to the C code. Since search Google is my friend, I decided to be proactive and see if somebody was in progress doing something and sure enough. A link to a blog about cheese to camerabin conversion as a jumping off point. I had to get the source and look for the audio part which is :

"gconfaudiosrc", "audio_source"

No sound in cheese and sound in tvtime, no record in tvtime and record to ogg in cheese. I wanted to merge the capabilities and perhaps it is in progress or solved and I will report what I find out. Also there is a good bash scripting reference HERE.

Deeper investigation shows it is now done and in release, here is a notice in gnome announce. It is done, but not available in debian yet , so I may have to grab source to see what it does. Source is available thru ftp at the link, as well as examples and the web site.

A long journey, but it is in Gnome 3.0 and a lot of it is not done yet. I don't want to trash my install with odd libraries, so I will wait until Gnome 3.0 is available.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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