Thinking metrics

I don't really have the time to explore a hundred scenarios of relationships and determine their best fit to data, but I can assign a cognitive metric to the process and work at that level. In the same way that I resolved the "einstein" game to mathods(sic) that would be applied to the data to lead to solutions, it can be done with all systems. Instead of arguing a particular complex position in part, as it relates to "expansion", dark matter, open or closed universe, as well as dozens of other complex relationships, it is more reasonable to make my position and the position of others into intelligent agents that respond to changes in available information. It is a set of solving structures. I don't believe that I need any more information in terms of sky surveys to get certainty.

The entire process is becoming easier to deal with and the correction of some of the misconceptions about matter that others hold and then applied to the data seems to at least approach certainty and predictability. It is odd. Simple little facts that others think have nothing to do with this, have everything to do with it. The puzzle is not complete without those little pieces to bridge the gaps.

It does seem that a presentation interface could be designed, but it would have to be very complex. I will design it for myself and if somebody else wants to make it pretty for their benefit, I will post the code. One single little misconception about the structure and function of matter leads to the confusion IMHO. Once resolved ( though it is messy and complicated ) I can take the wave equations and convert them to a single simple predictive structure that explains what is observed and measured. Twisty little passages, all alike, with exits in many dimensions, but with road signs. This way to the ∇

The recent stumble with KOIs highlights the fact that simply establishing the automatic methods is far superior to doing it by hand. It is simply a matter of data to transform to format to transform to a final product and it isn't like somebody can reassign the laws of physics.

The solution framework is almost complete. It seems that a different type of device than LHC would be better for proofs of nuclear structure. I would like a cherry flavored quark, anti-matter malt with anti-neutrino sprinkles please!


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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