pushing and pulling pythons

It is better to use python for scripts because they are easier to maintain , extend and read as well as document. That doesn't mean that shell scripting is not something to learn. The knowledge of regular expressions is not a python invention , nor is the utility framework built-in to any Linux system. Don't let the names or symbols get in the way of understanding the relationships and effects. This particular snippet comes as a result of my compulsion to have sequences show up in order when listed in a directory.

It would be worth doing if it were possible to recharge Lewin to 30 years old again, like a battery. I would have fought to get a seat at those lectures. He is talented and if he could be rejuvenated it would be more of a gift to the world than to him personally.

def renameFormatted() :
   for filename in os.listdir('./') :
      if  '.ogv' in filename:
         if  re.search("lec.-",filename):
            print filename,filename2,filename3


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
Auftrag der unendlichen LOL katzen