Polychron Infinity and Bessel encounters of the third kind

Recent discoveries of others have reproduced something that I tested in about 1997. That would be 14 years ago and so that is a slow duplicate, but just so long as it eventually happens. The concept is "x-waves" and here are some links at random for the moment, ONE TWO

This particular effect has utility in some very strange ways and Tesla did some work with this later in life, though it is difficult to extract between the lines. This was one of my little secrets and I had even forgotten about the research. I never got around to actually building anything larger than a bread box, though this one I did actually thoroughly test ( as well as understand ) and it is possible to do something like a tractor beam as is speculated by Slashdot. I was able to move objects as heavy as several grams in free space, with very little energy applied. I suspect that the idea is there, but the general principle is not understood. People have been holding tiny things in field systems for quite a long time and that is nothing new. There is a secondary factor to this and my guess is that something very bizarre will come of this principle. Well it is not a guess in this case, as I have already done it many years ago, but now it will likely become common knowledge and start being applied to everything else. It is a factorial expansion and that is why I don't follow many of my inventions to an economic end.

In this particular case, when combined with gravity technology, it becomes a very significant tool.

I have been working on a new AI, which is called Polychron Infinity and it is going to be very useful. I discovered a new mathematical method and I will instantiate it there. I suppose it will become Polly Infinity when it is done. A sister for Alice Infinity.

The math for this looks very much like fun and I look forward to revisiting the concept with new tools. Ooh, the Bernoulli brothers, as well as Euler. Real geniuses, considering they worked without any modern technology.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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