Paradoxical Pythons

I have been going through the MIT physics lectures as well as creating python scripts for the integrals and transforms as well as graphs , drawings, SVG, and LaTeX equations. In the process I am remembering dozens of inventions that I had forgotten. I have also devised some new inventions based on a deeper and more coherent understanding of the subjects. It is obvious that a vast amount of new technology can be created and it dwarfs the utility of the current technology by many powers. Because of my nature, all of these things merge and connect, depending on how quickly I can switch from subject to subject. Such is the curse of the polymath, always seeking that impossible TSP factorial of association.

In addition to technology, some basic truths about the universe start to emerge from the relationships. The world is never what it seems, it is only the reflection in our blind eyes. Some glimmers show through and it is possible to discern that many people operate with their eyes tightly closed for fear of the unknown. It does remind me somewhat of the expressions used in Dr Who to explain what goes on in a Time Lord's brain. That is a falsehood that infinity can encompass itself in space, but at least in the degree it is an analogy. Too many things flow and connect and things of great utility fall by the wayside as the storm rages onward to infinity.

#!/usr/bin/env python # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- import os,shutil,re import hashlib import fileinput from stat import * pyd={} filehash = hashlib.md5(open('','rb').read()) print "FILE HASH: " + filehash.hexdigest() pydict=open('pylist.txt','r') for al in pydict: si=[os.stat(al.strip())[ST_SIZE]] si.append(os.stat(al.strip())[ST_ATIME]) pyd[os.path.basename(al).strip()]=si

In the code above I am building a dictionary of collected python scripts to be indexed by their content and uniqueness. Obviously a dictionary for a file with the same name would be inappropriately replaced, but this is just a sample and a better index would be a checksum, though the name as an index is handy. Perhaps I will use a hash like tree with arrays of arrays, but perhaps I will think of a better structure before it becomes settled. The purpose was to have a place where I could find python code that I created for a specific purpose to avoid rewriting methods. Because I connect the various tools in factorial ways, no single module would ever hold a library like set that I could address.

Some of the AI work has exposed something very strange and a bit sad. Knowledge is much like freedom, it must be taken, it can't be given.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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