MiM the MITMs

I was reading some articles on MITM (Man In The Middle ) as they call it. I guess Bruce is the expert in terminology so I will use that. It doesn't quite sound as rhymy as all MiMsy were the internets. CAs can be spoofed as well as connections and so it really makes secure communication difficult without some effective personal agreement between parties. It occurred to me that it would be possible to honeypot the MiTM and do some interesting things. In the world of spies , the passing of dis-information can be as effective as any other technique. I know that it was used effectively in X case that I was aware of, with devastating results. I suppose if everybody is out to get everybody else it will continue, but nobody really gains once the bullets start to fly. It serves evolution in some weak way, but beyond that it is just pointless and chaotic. Schneier has some other interesting things on security as always. I suppose MITM could be rhymy if it stood for MIT e Mouse or MIT Methods :)

On another topic, I learned snprintf from some code and that does seem a safe way to avoid some odd consequences in code and perhaps I will use that more often now.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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