Magic soup with DXing to QSL neutrino beams

Blender has some methods which allow the representation of materials for analysis. Here is one link.

The MIT course 3.012 in material science has some lectures on Liquid crystals as well as some other interesting physics of materials. It also covers things like phospholipids and biological membranes.

I was considering what could be done with my experimenter board that has a RISC processor and serial programming link as well as IO when combined with a CRT and an old liquid crystal display and strong positioning magnets removed from hard drives. Now, the display uses optical rotation, or the chirality of the molecules to display dots and it would seem that many biological compounds of interest are chiral and that methods to detect neutrinos come from combinations of the other devices as well as some "magic", and that what is of interest is the information contained, if there is some. That gets into the area of what is information and though there are theories about information, they seem to be a little too absolute in their interpretation.

Information in context is different than just transitions of energy or condition in space or time. I could say that no response to a query is information and so the lack of information is itself information.

In the case of black holes eating information, that concept seems to rely heavily on a specific definition of information and I personally doubt that an absolute definition of information exists any more than an absolute definition of intelligence or life.

Vast amounts of data exist in many areas and we are awash in information which can never be completely resolved. It is that part that has use and meaning to me personally that I would like to extract and though techniques may be the same, another person would want different aspects of that same data for their goals.

Some relationships are very clear in their properties and the ability to quickly grasp what the nth power of a matrix becomes is one of those things. The language of mathematics becomes more familiar and even in that language, there exist combinations of methods that may conceal the facts instead of expose their useful information.

I have a very odd way of mashing up concepts and though Dr. Lewin knows his subject well, it is the strange landscape of combinatoric effects that always interests me personally. I suppose the water drop generator is an example of that and it also makes me wonder about past implementations of things. Ancient Egyptians are guessed to have Leyden jars and chemical batteries and a water generator would hardly have stood the test of time and ravages of sweeping waves of petty dictators and madmen.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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