In the time of time

An interesting thought. If an object is traveling toward the Earth , it would experience effects from our past on its way to Earth and its measure includes the measure of the past. As an example, a rocket arrives from the edge of the universe and in its flight, it must have experienced the universe from its origin. If a star had exploded on the opposite side of Earth from the craft, it would have "knowledge" of that fact as it arrived and yet we would be unaware.

I guess I am saying that in the mirror of time as a person looks into the universe it has the reflection of the past behind the viewer. I should make a mock Twilight Zone episode of that or a science fiction story. I suppose it is just the extension of the fact that information received from distant objects contain information about their past which can also be our past.

Interesting. Here is the story. A person is standing in front of a mirror with their eyes closed. A flash happens behind them and instantly after the light has passed by them they open their eyes to see their image in the mirror and then a flash behind them, that has already happened.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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