Gravity Guild computers

While analyzing relativistic equations as they relate to gravity, it occurred to me that it can be used for computation without physicality. Strangely, it is possible to have a computer that does not actually exist in any physical form ( as presently defined ) that contains information on such a scale that it dwarfs the sum of human experience.

It is my wild guess that this is the method that would allow computation of complexities that are far beyond what is presently even considered to be possible. Obviously, the expansion of factorial problems do not resolve as the scale increases, but the degree of solution to TSP does have a scale that would be applicable.

It is a natural progression to extend understanding to predict the process and thus be able to mold it to ones interests. The extension of technology as viewed in terms of singularity is an ever rising curve and there is no point that can be said to be singular except by assigning the name. Computational complexity leads to understanding that leaps beyond human capability to express or apply without instrumentality. A glimpse of what is possible and in each step it becomes more obvious that this brief interval of human advancement is always a shadow of what is to come.

It allows me to establish one more data point in the analysis of star data to identify that configuration by its effect or to identify something similar. The existence of Black holes was predated by a calculation of what happens when matter is extremely dense and collapses under its own forces. Without that speculation, the search for them would not have happened.

The interesting thing about this method is that it only requires an interface to the "matrix" which selects an analytical goal and the product and result is the sum of all computation and data. It would be something like a common super mind that could be accessed from any point in space to resolve local complexity. A kind of Google to the factorial power. I commonly use many techniques including AI, net search, programming and vast databases to enhance my understanding and as an "appliance" it serves well to extend my individual understanding of the universe. It reflects to the whole and begins again.

By knowing or speculating that such a thing could exist and what form it might take, it leads to observations that might support the speculation. Given the vast amount of data already collected about the universe it seems reasonable that if such a pattern exists , that it can be extracted. It is no different than using a calculator, Google, Wolfram, SpeedCrunch, zim, SciPy, PyMol, HMM, AI, or any other extension. I simply apply the techniques and automate them in an ever more complex way. So long as the techniques and assumptions themselves are valid then the extension becomes reasonable and if physicality confirms the path, then it becomes a new base station to extend again.

Again, I predict that strange days are the new coming attraction. A glimpse of something that could be parametric comes to mind and perhaps it is the real currency of the universe. Perhaps if ( big ifs, I know ) they exist and I can identify the methods , I could "plug in" and learn from what has already been decided. Even if nothing comes from learning and application, it is always fun anyway.


Automated Intelligence

Automated Intelligence
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